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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and-year-old boy recovering after being hit by a car. what we found out about the search for the driver who hit the child so hard the front tire flew off of his bike. >> new information this morning about the men who shot at a kansas workplace and how gun put him in prison in florida. good morning., 6 am, friday, february 26. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following the commute. let's get over to certified meteorologist brian shields . i don't know white you said over. you are right here. >> it is cold. 44, daytona beach, 46 effort, 40 degrees waterford lakes in orlando back to winter garden in clermont all in the 40s. melbourne, palm bay, 47 degrees
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you will want a jacket this afternoon. temperatures 5-10 degrees cooler this morning. we are cool -- work with yesterday. seeing a drop off over the last few hours. lucy fairweather clouds this morning that will be it. look of the lack of a warm-up. the planner this is daytona beach. 10:00, mid 50s around lunch, northern coastline in the upper 50s hitting 60, 61 for a high in the northern zones. it will be cool and breezy. coming up, it will get colder tonight and then we see a warm- up for the weekend. putting together a map we will have that at 607. 6:01 am. looking at i 4. >> pulling up the camera at 434 in longwood heading toward downtown orlando. traffic to the right side no construction and safe suspended
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no cones or lanes being blocked us morning. poinciana, a crash that requires an alternate. ocoa st., marigold avenue, this is blocking northbound marigold as well as westbound ocoa street so the alternate will beat you sound ocoa to san remo road to get you back to marigold avenue. police and titusville believe they have found a car that hit in eight-year-old boy and took off. >> we told you about the sing- along pile pines lane. boy and took off. >> we told you about the sing- along pile pines lane. it happened last night at 10:00, janai norman is in the neighborhood where the boy was riding his bike. please have an idea of who was behind the wheel. >> reporter: we made a call to police but have not gotten information from them about the vehicle or the driver but it is in the area where you can see there are sidewalks and areas where there are not any sidewalks with first responders from the eight-year-old conscious and not wearing a helmet. we found out he does have a head injury so he was deemed a trauma alert and flown to orlando.
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i spoke with a mess -- davis to say the impact was so bad the front tire of the little boys bike flew off. this happened 6:00 last night. a busy time for evening traffic. a couple hours later, titusville fire officials posted on facebook saying titusville police found the possible vehicle involved in potential driver. i mentioned we have reached out to police try to get more information about those things. we will not be able to get details until business hours, 8 am this morning. for the next half hour we are talking with neighbors who shed light on what the little boy did after getting hit as he waited for help. in brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. asking the orange county school district if one of its employees is under an internal investigation accused of stealing your money in the form of food stamp fraud. pam works for public schools
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her husband is also a teacher at ivy lane elementary. between june 2013-december 2014, investigators say they made more than $100,000. at the same time, investigators said they illegally took thousands more of your tax dollars to food stamp fraud. but the government will not mess with you if you mess with them. they have to tell the truth. >> state investigators say she and then -- manipulated snap system by supporting her ankle but not her husband to qualify for food stamps. 4 people dead including the gunmen who went on a shooting spree in central kansas and now we find out the shooter has ties to florida. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten has been looking into the criminal history. he has a long arrest record. >> reporter: 38-year-old cedric ford served time in the florida department of corrections and a gun charge for the most serious detailing the history. deputies that he is responsible
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small kansas city that killed three, injuring 14 others. this is a 38-year-old cedric ford, the man law enforcement says went on a deadly shooting spree before the deputy shot and killed him at the long work when the maker where he worked. >> it was a law enforcement and has been that responded right away and even though he took fire, he went inside of the place and saved multiple live, a hero as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: a potentially saving the lives of the 150 workers inside excel industries. he entered with a rifle in hand gun and opened fire yesterday afternoon. >> i saw people running out saying run, run and a pop, pop that's all i heard and then everybody scattered out of the building and i did not realize what happened until we got out and i saw wounded people coming out. >> reporter: he killed three people and injured 14. deputies are tried to figure out why.
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victims who have not been identified. ford's history starts on facebook where he posted photos and videos. he ties back to south florida where records show he was arrested several times before. >> ford sentenced to three years in prison for carrying a concealed weapon in florida as a convicted felon in 2005 but police in 2007 and arrested on multiple drug charges and then i dispute deputies have not released details about the gun used in the shooting or how ford was able to get it. jamie? the five republican presidential candidates are now looking at super tuesday after wrapping up the final debate before the primary class affect the debate was a fight from the start. the spotlight was really on three contenders you. governor. john kasich and ben carson had a tough time getting the words and. the top three candidates dominated the state. marco rubio went hard after donald trump, ripping the front runners position on immigration. this privileged background, his speaking style and more. >> you are the only person on the state to visit been five
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your project illegally did you hired workers from -- >> i'm the only one in the state an entire people. you haven't hired -- >> ted cruz pine lawn as well questioning trump's conservative credentials. but trump did not hesitate to hit back. >> we have got to win the selection and we cannot do it with a candidate who agrees with hillary clinton and cannot take it to her and beat her on the debate stage and at the polls. >> and beating him awfully badly in the polls. >> you are not beating hillary. >> it was not all snappy lines, candidates talk about supreme court selections, health care and the economy to trump was also asked about releasing tax returns and he says he cannot do it until a current audit is complete. rubio is winning praise for attacks on trumpet something many set is a long time coming for any republican candidates. is it enough to win the nomination? reading reactions of florida leaders and voters will have that for you in the next half hour. meanwhile, president obama spent much of yesterday
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fight against isis for today he is turning his attention to domestic issues that he will be a jacksonville to talk about the progress the economy has made since he signed the american recovery and reinvestment act seven years ago. he will be there 2 pm speaking with staff america battery plant funded in part by the recovery act. today volusia county's first indoor shooting range combined with a restaurant and bar is expected to officially open for business. the owner of volusia top gun in daytona beach says his employees will scan ids when the shooting range. state-of-the-art surveillance system to make sure no one who drinks shoots guns. the owner tells us strict rules are place to keep people safe. there will be no drinking and then shooting and i can control that because i'm going to know if you have been in the restaurant drinking. >> the owner says if you order even one trait you cannot come day. >> if you had to the new restaurant this weekend, we
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they tell volusia county reporter blaine tolison about it. tweet him at b tollefson wftv or email him blaine tolison at orlando international airport welcome center breaking ground. we told you about the efforts to open the center for veterans and active military personnel from us. they need $300,000. veteran said the new welcome center is important because it could be the last thing the armed forces the before shipping out. construction on the new orlando city soccer stadium is entering a -- an important phase. >> you can start to see the outline of wall taking shape. monday the team will hold a ceremony to commemorate the start of the installation of the infrastructure. the stadium is expected to open next year for the start of the 20 17th season. tv 27 is the home of the orlando city soccer matches. the team opens the new season
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news app and check out the orlando city's page under sports. 6:10 am, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 quite the weekend at store. >> cold nights on the way put decent days. advertise 76. 65 today, 68 tomorrow and then sunday, it is going to be picture-perfect pics 70s returning to the forecast spent volusia county, ormonde by the sea, 62, ponce inlet, port orange, new smyrna beach, laguna beach, in the low 60s. a light jacket sweatshirt a good bet for today. sumter county, lake ann, 63, bushnell, 64. we was the winds out of the northwest 10-20 apopka, so what, ocoee, eatonville, maitland, winter park, mid-60s on the way. culture tonight, 43. coming up in main weather, i
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up to fox for tomorrow and -- wake up to frost tomorrow morning. 80s returning to the forecast. if you leave the house the poinciana, there is a crash where you will need an alternate. a koa street, marigold avenue, northbound marigold is blocked off and westbound ocoa -- koa street, same remote road, to get you back to northbound marigold avenue. pulling out live traffic tracker for a wider look we do not have major issues but i will let you know if it changes. cyber crooks lurking waiting to steal your tax refund. one place experts say you should never go to work on your tax return. tens of millions of dollars worth of tourism business for central florida could disappear in smoke. orlando spending more than $1 million for land when they
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jamie holmes 6:14 am on live look at i 4 near lake mary blvd. beautiful, cool start, a full check of whether an traffic every 10 minutes. -- we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> city of orlando has paid more than $1 million to build the fire station on a lot but the ground is contaminated and the city does not know how much it will cost taxpayers to clean it. the property with the fire station will eventually go is on private industry. officials later found out it was contaminated with metal car parts. cleanup costs are unknown but the city tells us they will try to get a signed agreement with the state to recover some money. state senate is expected to take up a bill that gives
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families affected by a deadly home invasion in orange county. okafor was sentenced to death for murdering saldivar and keep him from testifying in a previous home invasion. the time of the shooting injured a couple. okafor was on house arrest violating it several times. orange county has agreed to a settlement to pay $400,000 for negligence. the state house has already passed the bill. to go national activist groups are helping precollege students in the fight against valencia college. students filed a lawsuit saying the college violated constitutional rights by forcing them to have transvaginal ultrasounds before -- performed on an sonography class and threatened the academic standing if they got -- did not exhibit lawsuit dismissed in students appealing. alliance defending freedom and concerned women for america wrote a letter asking us court of appeals to rule in favor of the students. the holy land experience
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painted on state property without permission. the i 4 ramp at conway road is back to the original condition. we told you last year at the ot says the religious mural was dated without its knowledge. we asked about the price and who ordered the removal but did not get an answer >> disappointing it took long but we are glad to see resolved. >> emails show people complaining about the mural as far as july. holy land work with f guilty to find a contractor for the job. if you want to see what the mural look like before being take it over with both the pictures i've /slideshows. stops could be added a brevard county for the high- speed rail all aboard floor to pick the commuter rail service will connect miami, fort lauderdale, west palm beach in orlando. on wednesday, the melbourne city council identified three potential stops that could be added. space goes planning organization will discuss the stops next month. good news about florida's manatees. numbers suggest there are more manatee this year than in 2015.
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for them. for them. >> organizations have observed more than 6200 manatees across the state almost 200 more than an 2050. officials say numbers are not accurate because some go undetected. they are stealth. it helps researchers who study manatees. >> secret agent manatees. >> was that supposed to be a joke? >> not at all. >> did work. it is chilly. volume is building on i 4, wftv -- deneige minutes away. >> the coldest start. colder by the way tonight and saturday morning. a lot of 40s.
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toward st. cloud, 52 cocoa beach. elsewhere in the 40s this morning. winds lighter. not as windy as yesterday. they pick up 10-20 miles an hour which is overall to be a school. fair weather clouds are try to move by. no big feature dropping in, no threat of rain throughout the weekend forecast. orlando, sunshine, 61 at noon. low to mid 60s this afternoon and cool this evening. any plans, have a jacket. future track, looking good. high, dry to the day. a few fair weather clouds every now and then. seas are better. 3 to 4 feet water temperatures running in the 60s a moderate
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low 60s barely to 60 in palm coast, 65 separate, castleberry. 65 clermont, winter garden. 66 kissimmee. 30s northern tier tonight, 40s elsewhere, it is going to be called tonight and not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere but enough for patchy fog in the north western zones. protect your vegetation to be on the safe side and don't forget about your pets. it will be cold. a gorgeous day after the cold start, 60s for highs and through the weekend, do not forget, check out for events. putting a forecast for the event on checkout facebook as well. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. cold tonight, 68 tomorrow and sunday after chilly start, a beautiful afternoon on the way. you have to say it like that. beautiful. warmer, 77 monday and tuesday, ahead of the next front, we
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an update on a crash with deneige. >> a cook -- koa street marigold avenue, northbound marigold and westbound koa street. alternate we spell koa street. traffic toward downtown orlando, we don't have issues eastbound and westbound at this point but if anything pops up i will let you know. fighting words from the republican presidential debate. considering rubio's attack on trump resonating with voters to keep him in the game ahead of the primary. >> titusville police, waiting for them to tell us about the driver who injured a boy riding his bike. whenever said the child -- child did that may have saved his own life.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 6:24 am. deposit for the american heart
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county millions in tourism business that starting in 2017 association says it will not do business anyplace where indoor smoking is allowed. currently the county does allow smoking in bars that do not serve food. that means the heart association will bypass central florida for his annual convention. last november they gather at orange county, just into pouring in $50 million into the local economy. >> we will miss them. even if we ban smoking inside the place, people will go outside and smoke. it would not make a difference, really. i do not see the point of them doing that. >> state lawmakers are considering a bill that could give cities and counties the power to enact smoke-free laws at a local level. sea world says the new earning report shows that the parts are starting to make more money in the last three months of 2015, revenue for the parts went up by $3.3 million compared to the year before. sea world attracted more than visitors in 2015. the theme park was hurt
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the documentary blackfish. sea world admitted it has been spying on some of its critics. sea world says is sent an employee to infiltrate peta and animal rights groups and report back on its activities. >> the activity was undertaken in connection with efforts to maintain the safety and security of employees, customers, and animals from the face of credible threat. >> sea world said yesterday it has ended the practice of tourists say the controversy would not change their decision to visit the park. woman says she was arrested on the central florida beach by a stranger so she called the police for help. >> why she says they put her in danger. >> an eight-year-old boy is recovering after being hit by a car while riding his bike. what neighbors tell us they saw that may have helped police tracked down the driver. temperatures are dropping this morning.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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6:30 am. look at your screen in this beautiful shot of downtown orlando as the sun comes up. beautiful, 40 degrees, chilly and we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day in the weekend because have we mentioned it is friday? >> only 1000 times since 5 am. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. watching the roads let's get over to certified meteorologist brian shields . >> it's going to be beautiful. a lot of sunshine but it is cold this morning. it will stay cool, 65 is a high. a lot of sun but cooler than yesterday. overall, breezy. look at the out the door temperatures. you want jacket, pants instead
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46 sanford, deland, debary sam sulla toward the coast daytona beach, port orange running in the 40s. 47 melbourne, brevard county, 50 kissimmee, 49 clermont, groveland. 48 in the villages. satellite radar, fair weather clouds. here is the planet taking you through the day and you can see the lack of a warm-up. lots of sun but lunchtime and deltona, 60 degrees. in the low to mid 60s this afternoon and then once we hit the evening, 6:00, before sunset time we will have a quick drop off mid-50s on the way by 6:00. any plans will be cold. it will get colder tonight and we will go city by city with temperatures and when the 80s return to the forecast. 6:31 am. a look at i 4. >> looking good eastbound and westbound across i 4 as well as
6:32 am
if you are headed into osceola county, looking good. we have a crash and osceola county. poinciana, koa street at marigold avenue. you have a crash blocking northbound marigold avenue and westbound koa street. until they get that clear out. an alternate could be eastbound coitus san remo road and will get you to marigold avenue northbound. jamie? which neighbors say the eight- year-old boy who was injured in a hit-and-run and titusville last night dragged himself out of the road even though he was hit so hard the tire popped off of his black -- off of his bike. >> janai norman just got new information about the vehicle involved. witnesses tell you they saw the car turned around and circle as the child crawled to the grass to wait for help. >> reporter: it's terrible to listen to but neighbors tell us that allow them to get a license plate which may have helped police tracked the driver down.
6:33 am
grassy area after being hit in the intersection as he waited for help. it was about 6:00 last night when it happened and we found the little boy was not wearing a helmet. when responders arrived they found unconscious but we like data head injury so he was going to arnold palmer hospital in orlando. hours later we continued making calls to investigators and we checked the titusville fire facebook page and officials posted titusville police have located the potential vehicle involved in the driver. i have made calls to police and we have continued to email them to try to get more information to find out whether they have made an arrest and how they were able to track down the vehicle and driver. for the answers we are not able to get until 8:00 this morning, business hours, we talked to police will ask how the eight- year-old boy is recovering. a brevard county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. >> in melbourne beach woman says it took 40 minutes for deputies to respond after she
6:34 am
stranger at the beach. >> thousands are sharing her story on social media. kareemah quell answer she put the message on facebook to warn others about him. she says she was on the beach with her metal detector when a stranger came up and asked her if he could be in a porn movie and gestured to his growing. >> do you think that is too long of a wait? >> incredibly. it was an incredible amount of time to wait. it was scary. i thought the police were here to help me. >> deputies tell mclanahan they were on a domestic call. we contacted the sheriff's office to ask why it took so long to respond but they have not responded to us. to code seminole county adult facing child neglect after the toddler was shot in the head. aaron davis and sins were arrested wednesday morning. the child was shot in the hand tuesday night. the child's mother changed her
6:35 am
she was when the toddler was shot. the child is recovering from her injuries and child services is the -- is investigating. the former bp rig a supervisor has been found not guilty in the 2010 oil spill. robber clouseau was tried on a single charge of violating the clean water act. prosecutors say he and another weak supervisor watched a negative pressure test in this clear signs of trouble for an explosion on the deepwater horizon rig. yesterday at jury found him not guilty on a misdemeanor pollution charge. no word on when crews will start working on the multimillion dollar i 4 ultimate project after a dump truck driver act over and killed a worker. the accident happened near kennedy boulevard wednesday. we asked why the entire 21 mile worksite were shut down. as you'll contractors tell us they are giving workers time to grieve and that work will pick up after they review safety protocols. >> they are things that perhaps
6:36 am
places they can improve things. >> we asked if the multiyear project will be delayed in stl said crews prepare for an planning the project. one dozen people facing investigators said they took down a major ctr., florida drug cartel. investigators say they group would work in the i drive tourist areas making a point is to meet and parking lots and they say they made roughly $100,000 per week selling heroin. investigators looking for two more suspects accused of stealing in orlando man's car and using it in another armed robbery. investigators said wednesday they held the man at gunpoint at the eagle reserves apartment stealing his car and they use it to rob another man in the altamonte mall. police and deputies.-- spotted suspects would build from the vehicle orange county sheriff's office could find out if they will get money from two high-
6:37 am
they are asking for $140,000. the handheld tools will allow investigators to detect explosives and has it is devices in real-time. the money will come from the law enforcement trust fund commissioners will vote on the plan tuesday. a man lived a brevard county for years after despairing from an ohio prison camp in 1959 has been granted parole. freshwaters doing time for manslaughter after despairing. -- they found him living off of social security benefits in brevard county. freshwaters attorney argued he has lived a clean life and never forgot the accident that led to his case. he will be paroled in april. winter garden will use a database that will help leaders invocation prayer before commission meetings and we told leaders came up with the idea after an incident. >> reporter: the city to briefly band prayers at its meeting space the database will interested individuals within city limits. five adds exposed to asbestos will have to monitor their lungs for years to see if
6:38 am
an investigation to a single after nine bad taste started asking questions. firefighters were prepping an abandoned apartment complex on mercy drive for fire training exercises. it had an asbestos problem well documented in files. firefighters had a record placed in the file documenting the risk in case they ever get sick. city leaders narrowing down a list of candidates for police chief to four. they are working hard to review applications to make sure they do not run into problems like they did with the previous chief. last the month -- december he left the position following complaints from officers. interviews for the new candidates begin march 7. crews have started to take down the beach line toll plaza near the orlando international airport. earlier we told you the expressway authority stopped charging drivers at the toll plaza. it will take six weeks to completely tear it down. drivers will pay tolls of the beach line west main plaza or
6:39 am
orange county fire rescue crews were in las vegas to get training on the world's largest observation wheel. >> firefighters trained on a 550 foot las vegas highroller. it is 150 feet taller than the orlando i. as part of the training, crews simulated wrestling patients from the wheel. what happens in vegas, i guess, ghost orlando. 638 we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> let's hope not. >> all right. i should have been paying attention. 40 degrees, dropping off a couple more degrees in deltona. lots in the way of sunshine. fair weather clouds but it is a cold start, jacket start with us. lake county, eustis, mount dora, lake dora, temperatures in the mid-60s. lake catherine toward lake paisley, low 60s for today. seminole county, mid-sixties
6:40 am
winds 10 to 20, good enough for mid-sixties a brevard county. melbourne, june park, temperatures around 66 today. tonight, it gets colder. down to 43 degrees. coming up at 6:47, i will show you who will wake up to frost on saturday morning and when the 80s return ahead of the next storm system. i see you ahead. 6:39 am. lake county, live traffic tracker along turnpike southbound, a disabled vehicle 1 mile before you get to state road 50 fitbit is blocking one lane. keep that in mind as they move it out of the way. poinciana, koa street marigold avenue, blocking northbound marigold, westbound koa street. alternates can be eastbound koa street to san remo road to get you back to marigold avenue northbound. no one likes constant calls from telemarketers. how would you like to give them a taste of their own medicine? coming up on "good morning
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it is set up by men who got one call to many. astronaut scott kelly is about to come back to earth after one year in orbit. how his experiment will continue even after he is back on the ground. many applauding rubio after going after trump. was it enough to shake up the polls before super tuesda the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 61 4 am 4 days away from super tuesday, a fact weighing heavily on candidates try to overtake donald trump. voters felt pressure during the gop debate last night as they came out swinging at the reality television star. kimberly eiten has been reviewing the performances and many say senator. marco rubio has reinvigorated
6:45 am
>> reporter: some call this a win for marco rubio as he ambushed republican front- runner donald trump. they were side-by-side and neck and neck as donald trump and marco rubio toolbars on the gop debate stage last night. trump as usual holding nothing back. spinner first of all, this guy is a joke artisan the skies alive. >> rubio republican establishment favorite fireback stray from the opposition playbook. >> we are losing so much with mexico and china. >> i don't understand your title close to make are made in mexico and china so you will start a trade war against your own ties in your own suits. >> some call this an all-out assault with rubio taking the win ahead of super tuesday. others say trump came out ahead. political analysts mark caputo tweeted trumps post debate analysis of trump is leading indicator of what he is winning
6:46 am
many joining facebook chat, critique posting during the debate, read through your comments this morning, people praised rubio's performance. one woman calling it a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: rubio took the stage. we told you about bob dole backing the senator. as far as democrats, tomorrow's primary day in south carolina. in 15 minutes marco rubio will discuss last night's debate and what it means for his campaign on "good morning america" after eyewitness news this morning. next with governor. rick scott could review a bill that will change the state's death penalty sentencing laws. on thursday, members were made to the bill to align with the plan by the florida house. the bill will require at least 10 jurors to recommend the death penalty before the sentence is actually a postscript the senate's original position would require unanimous jury recommendations. the full senate will review the bill sometime next week. you will have to wait to see the spacex falcon 9 rocket launch from cape canaveral.
6:47 am
the launch was scheduled for wednesday, thursday to send a commercial communications satellite into orbit but officials say concerns over the rockets liquid oxygen temperatures stop the rocket from blackie -- blasting into space. spacex themes are reviewing data to set the next available launch day. nasa astronaut scott kelly will make his way back from the space station. >> he is ready to come home in the astronaut spent 340 consecutive days in space. he says he looks forward to eating filet mignon when it returns to earth. he's more excited to finally share a meal with his family. >> i miss the experience more of sitting at a table with friends and family than i do actually all the different types of food that i have missed here. >> kelly is scheduled to return to earth march 1. the last two years he has spent 520 days in space over number four different missions. he -- his work does not and
6:48 am
he will undergo a real test to see what one year is based into his body. >> he has a twin brother, they will compare the last year between the two. >> cosma -- cosmonaut said it took him one year to get to normal. he would stick -- sit in a chair and then fall out. >> i've done that before. >> gravity is different. >> talk about why you were falling out of chairs? >> i had issues. a cool sky in daytona beach. a look at temperatures at 44, winds out of the west southwest at 5 miles an hour, a cold start to the day. have your jacket. 40s and 50s around, 45 deland, 46 in sanford, 48 in orlando,
6:49 am
cooler than yesterday. yesterday morning was chilly. temperatures of a 5 degrees cooler in most parts. we will stay relatively mid- sixties, 10 degrees below average. there are the winds lighter than yesterday. it was windy yesterday. today's breezy not as windy. a few fair weather clouds passing by that was a shot in daytona beach but no big feature dropping in. we will stay dry today and through the weekend. good for any outdoor activities across central florida. 65 2:00, andover elementary, low 60s by the time we hit 6:00 and it will be chilly for evening events. future track, through the afternoon, fair weather clouds in the outlook. dry for today and mainly cloud- free. the beaches, seas down 3 to 4 feet water temperatures in the 60s and moderate risk for rip currents.
6:50 am
cool for the second half of the weekend. sunny today and breezy and numbers barely hit 60 degrees. palm coast, 65, sanford. 65 clermont, tonight, 44 titusville, sharpes, vera, 30 in northern zones. not moisture in the atmosphere but good enough for patchy fog north and west of i 4 protect your plants for tonight. the forget about your pets. tomorrow, a beautiful day after the cold start. sunny skies, high again in the 60s on saturday. on your screen, five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. another chilly night saturday, sunday morning. sunday, beautiful 70s return, 74 and sunny, monday warming up further, 77 mostly sunny tuesday, 80s around for the next front arriving wednesday into thursday. chilly nights.
6:51 am
>> i 4, seminole county, ee williamson westbound lanes, they have been able to get the crash to the side. left lane was blocked and we are seeing flight delays from the lake mary blvd. area until you get past the crash and longwood. pulling up live traffic tracker, we haven't crash weatherby road, jet stream driver looks like you may have one lane in the area blocked. you can get through but if you cannot, i will update that in seven inman -- information. oldie but goodie, a star ready for the comeback. first glimpse of the new home for king kong. learning more about the little boy hit while riding his bicycle thursday. new information neighbors share that may have helped police find the driver responsible. brutal attacks inside our hospitals caught on camera. coming up at 7 am on central florida tv 27 9 investigates
6:52 am
at risk and meeting staff the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. we found out neighbors were able to get the license plate
6:55 am
year-old as he rode his bike in front of his home. they gave information to police. this morn we have e-mailed and called police trying to confirm that but haven't heard back. the neighbor said that after the little boy was hit the driver circled back around giving them time to write down the license plate. the car hit the boy so hard the tire came off his bike. neighbors have given us a name and confirmed a picture of the little boy but we want to confirm that police. as we get new information about
6:56 am
will update you. reporting live. eyewitness news this morning. new this morning the pentagon has launched a campaign of cyber attacks against militants in an effort to diminish their ability to use social media and the internet to recruit fighters. they also plan on a campaign to combat isis with the help of hollywood. the president believes isis is in trouble say they haven't launched an operation since last summer he said that the terror group has made enemies of almost everybody. he said it shows they are not winning hearts and minds in the middle east and is under pressure. some of the internet's biggest names are backing apple after the company refused to help the fbi access one of the shooter's i-phones. google, facebook and twitter are teaming together to file a brief on behalf of apple next week.
6:57 am
of the constitution. the fbi says that the case threatens national security. a new survey found 7% of americans do their taxes on public, unsecured net the works -- networks. completing your taxes on a secure network can reduce the risk of fraud. it's also recommended to did he fend your computer with internet security software before you saturday. kohl's is closing more than a dozen stores. 18 locations will close in a shift away from the company's expansion in recent years. the company has president announced which stores will close but the ceo said they account for less than 1% of the company's sales. a woman has a new uterus
6:58 am
doctors say the surgery was a success. it was part of a new frontier aiming to give those without a womb a chance at children. that's wild. >> amazing you may hear a lot of talk about last night's game. >> the did he fending champs and the mvp were in town. that's a new nba record. he was nearly unstoppable. check out that half hot buzzer beater. the war eyers beat them. world soccer leaders have approved reforms for corruption and br ib ery. they have a favorite to succeed at the scandal ridden organization. the voting for that new president should start in about an hour.
6:59 am
king kong ride. >> take a look at the video. we captured thursday afternoon. the skull island reign of kong ride will replace the last one that closed in 2002. this is the latest image showing the gates in to the new ride. officials say that it'll be the longest ride of any attraction there. >> put it together with a monkey wrench. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> yeah a monkey wrench, he said it. >> temperatures in the 40s a few 50s. it's on the colder side a beautiful day on the way. cold can tonight. return by sunday. hope you have a wonderful weekend. i will see you monday morning. we have a lane of i-4 westbound in longwood blocked off for a crash.
7:00 am
mary boulevard area until you get past this crash. then also in orange county we have a crash at weather by and jet stream drive. this has a partial roadblock ther critics say violence is commonplace inside a mental health hospital. as we investigate what's going on inside the facilities. >> your local news coverage good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it


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